What is the Javascript - It's introduction, importance, & libraries.

If you have used HTML or tried to make something on it. Then you might feel that you need to do some effect on button click, mouse over, it should let us know that the form that we have filled is correct or not or some fields left empty. Javascript is suitable for all of them. Javascript is a language of programming that let us do the various things on a webpage.

It is out of the 3 major languages that a web developer has to learn. So, you can feel the importance of this. Those 3 major languages are HTML, CSS & Javascript.

JavaScript was invented by best hands of Brendan Eich in 1995 and soon it became ECMA(European Computer Manufacturer's Association) standard in 1997. Javascript is based on the ECMAScript standard. ECMA Standard is based on some originating technologies such as JavaScript (Netscape) and JScript (Microsoft). Javascript works with HTML & CSS and some how it manipulates them as well. It is object based language & easy to learn.

Javascript can be useful for changing the html content, changing HTML attributes, changing HTML styles & CSS. It enables us to create dynamically updating content, control multimedia, animate images, especially for form validation and pretty much more. It is an interpreted language that runs from top to the bottom when the web browser meet the Javascript code. Javascript is a client-side language. That means it will run on the user's computer only. Unlike server side languages that runs on the server such as PHP, Python, Ruby etc.

Javascript has various libraries. That are mentioned below.

- jQuery
- React
- Lodash
- Underscore
- Angular
- Vue.js
- Backbone
- Ember
- Knockout.js
- Gulp.js
- npm
- grunt
- Meteor
- Shield UI
- Webix
- Cycle.js

If I have missed any of your favorite JavaScript library. Then let me know by Commenting below…


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